What Are Some Side Effects of Stacker 3?


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Stacker 3 contains chitosan, which can cause stomach pain, gas and constipation when taken by mouth, according to WebMD. As Stacker 3 is a fat-burning supplement, it is critical to understand its components and the effect the supplement can have on a person's body.

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AllStarHealth.com provides a brief description of chitosan and explains that it is a sugar substance extracted from shellfish. This substance is capable of absorbing fat and preventing it from entering the bloodstream. However, the vitamins and supplement store mentions that some people may be sensitive to chitosan and experience a gastrointestinal response. This response is associated with stomach irritability and even constipation. Therefore, a person should demonstrate extreme caution when consuming Stacker 3.

Stacker 3 also contains a considerable caffeine serving, according to eVitamins.com. It is the caffeine that can temporarily increase a person's blood pressure. Every case is different, but in some instances the blood pressure can be increased to unsafe levels. Usually, feelings of uneasiness and anxiety are associated with an increase in blood pressure. To combat some of the unwanted symptoms associated with Stacker 3, a person should only consume the recommended serving size. In addition, the supplement should be taken with food.

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