What Are the Side Effects of Stacker 2?

According to the Stacker 2 official website, side effect vary depending on the dosage size and product. Some of the generic product warnings include heart attack and stroke, if exceeding the recommended serving size. Consuming the product with caffeine can cause serious health effects. The use of Stacker 2 products is not recommended for children.

Created by NVE Pharmaceuticals, Stacker 2 was originally developed for bodybuilders as an energy and dietary supplement. The product is also used for satisfying cravings in between meals. Stacker 2 uses herbal extracts that provide extra energy and increase fat burning, as the product's official website reports. The product was first distributed in convenience stores before expanding to drugstores and other larger markets. Stacker 2 can be found in a variety of forms, it can be found in pill or liquid form. Over the years celebrities and professional athletes have endorsed Stacker 2. Even top-rated radio and television personalities such as Howard Stern have contributed to the marketing of the product.

According to the Stacker 2 website, consumers of Stacker 2 have grown to include not just bodybuilders but also people looking to benefit their energy and dietary desires. Stacker 2 can be purchased in stores and on the company website.