What Side Effects Should You Look for When Taking PGX?

Side effects of PGX include gas, stomach pains, bloating, loose stools, constipation and diarrhea. Drinking plenty of water when consuming PGX helps to alleviate some of these symptoms, according to Essence of Health. PGX is a patented super fiber complex commonly used in weight loss pills.

PGX also goes by the names glucomannan and konjac root, and it is a blend of three, nonstarch polysaccharides that form a unique gel matrix with a very high water-holding capacity. When consumed, PGX absorbs large quantities of water in the body thus increasing the overall volume of the substance and causing the person to feel full. According to Essence of Health, PGX also increases good viscosity in the body, which slows the rate that food digests and absorbs.

University of Toronto and Risk Factor Modification Centre at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada have studied PGX and its prototype compositions extensively, and they have determined some of the health benefits to be: increased insulin sensitivity; reduced body fat; lower blood cholesterol levels; reduced appetite; weight loss; and lower blood glucose levels. The recommended dosage of PGX is between 2.5 and 5 grams each day taken with food and water, states Essence of Health. Since PGX slows the absorption rate of food, it can have the same effect on orally taken medications. It is recommended that oral medications be taken at least an hour before or two to three hours after consuming PGX.