What Are the Side Effects of Royal Jelly?


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The reported side effects of royal jelly include increased asthma, allergy, hypersensitivity and even death, as stated by Drugs.com. It may also have an effect on female hormonal activity. However, the side effects of royal jelly are not common, as it is considered to be safe when taken as directed by a health care provider.

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Royal jelly is a white secretion that is the main food of honeybee queens. It is usually produced by worker bees. The secretion is made up of sugar, fats, water, amino acids, vitamins and fats. Royal jelly is used by people as medicine to treat diseases such as asthma, bone fractures, sleep problems, hay fever, skin disorders, liver disease, high cholesterol and stomach ulcers. There is no adequate information on how the jelly works in treating these conditions, as stated by WebMD.

Royal jelly is known to interact with warfarin. The combination of the two can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding. A person is advised not to use royal jelly if he or she has allergies to bee products. Royal jelly may also lower blood pressure, especially for those people who already have low blood pressure. There is no information on the use of royal jelly by breast-feeding mothers.

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