What Are the Side Effects of Relora?


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Common side effects of Relora include drowsiness and mild hypotension, according to Supplement Geek. Other less common side effects that have been observed in studies include heartburn, shaking hands, sexual dysfunction and thyroid dysfunction.

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Relora, a weight loss supplement manufactured by Next Pharmaceuticals, consists of proprietary extracts of traditional Chinese herbs including Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense, reports Supplement Geek. Relora is reported to work by reducing stress, reducing the cravings of sweets, and improving sleep quality. Drowsiness is the most common side effect found with the use of Relora. During clinical trials, 20 percent of individuals experienced mild drowsiness, which in most of its participants dissipated within the first few days of usage.

Another side effect found during a study published in Alternative Therapies showed that participants taking Relora also experienced a mild decrease in systolic blood pressure, averaging 5 mmHg, states Supplement Geek, yet no changes in diastolic blood pressure occurred. Authors of this particular study saw this as a potential benefit of the use of Relora.

Uncommon side effects such as shaking hands, heartburn, sexual dysfunction and thyroid dysfunction were also experienced by some participants during a study. A side effect of mild diarrhea was found during animal studies consisting of extremely high dosages of Relora, yet this side effect has not been seen to occur in humans when used at its recommended dosage.

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