What Are the Side Effects of Reliv?


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Potential side effects of using Reliv include diarrhea-like symptoms, vomiting and allergic reactions such as chest pain, hives, wheezing and shortness of breath. The side effects are due to the presence of l-methionine, a type of amino acid needed by the body to produce proteins and peptides. Taking l-methionine in large doses for long periods is what leads to a larger risk of side effects in Reliv users, according to eHow.

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There is one report of an interstitial cystitis condition potentially stemming from Reliv use on PatientsLikeMe.com. As an overall problem, the side effect was rated as "moderate" by the patient, although it did compel him or her to stop using Reliv altogether, stating that the burden of the side effects was "a little hard to take."

Prolonged Reliv use also has the potential to cause heart disease and tumor growth because l-methionine contains homocysteine, a common amino acid known to be a risk factor for such conditions.

Pregnant and nursing women are advised not to use Reliv at these stages, as no study has been conducted yet on the effects of the dietary supplement on fetal development. As well, individuals prone to hardening of the arteries, cancer or methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency should avoid taking Reliv and other l-methionine-based products, recommends eHow.

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