What Are Some Side Effects of Prostrate Radiation?


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Side effects of prostate radiation include skin changes and hair loss, according to WebMD. Some people may experience erectile dysfunction, incontinence, changes in urinary patterns or bloody urine after going through prostate radiation therapy.

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After prostate radiation therapy, the skin exposed to radiation may become sensitive, warm, red or swollen, notes WebMD. It may feel similar to a sunburn and be tender, moist to the touch or peel. Some people may sweat less from the treated pores, and the area that was exposed to radiation may lose hair.

Changes to the skin are usually temporary, and they tend to go away within six weeks after treatment is over, states WebMD. It is important to tell a physician if there are any skin-related side effects in areas that were not exposed to radiation.

There may be long-term side effects to prostate radiation therapy that can last a year or more, explains WebMD. Long-term side effects include enlarged pores, thickened skin or tissues and slight darkening of the skin. Some people may find their skin is more or less sensitive than usual. If a person is concerned about side effects, he should consult a health care professional about his different treatment options.

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