What Are the Side Effects of Procera AVH?

What Are the Side Effects of Procera AVH?

There are no known side effects related to Procera AVH, according to the Procera website. Procera AVH is an over-the-counter nutritional supplement containing three ingredients – Acetyl L-Carnitine, Vinpocetine and Huperzine – that support brain health. The product manufacturer recommends taking the supplement with food.

The “A” in Procera AVH is for Acetyl L-Carnitine, a neurotransmitter-enhancing nutrient that increases blood circulation and flow in the brain, improves mitochondria function and boosts nerve growth. The nutrient elevates the brain’s acetylcholine levels. The ingredient, found in fish and naturally produced by the body, helps support mental alertness, recall, reactivity and learning retention, claims Procera.

“V” stands for Vinpocetine, an ingredient derived from a variety of plant extracts such as the Periwinkle flower. It supports mood and memory, raises oxygen levels and boosts cerebral metabolism, known as “brain energy," states Procera

The “H” of AVH is for Huperzine, a natural acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. It is derived from Chinese club moss and helps maintain acetylcholine levels, so brain synapses can fire quickly and efficiently. Huperzine also helps protect brain cells from calcium and free-radical overload, says Procera.

The ingredients in Procera AVH are covered under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act and acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration, according to Procera.

The inventor of the Procera AVH is Josh Reynolds. Reported to be a brain scientist and pioneer in the cognitive sciences, Reynolds has no medical training, nor does he have a background in science or a college degree, Science-Based Medicine says. Procera AVH was involved in a class action lawsuit in 2012. The lawsuit alleged that the company was making false claims of improved brain function. TopClassActions.com reports that a federal judge approved a $20 coupon or 50 percent off voucher for all customers who had purchased the product between Jan. 1, 2004, and March 23, 2012.