What Are Some Side Effects of Peppermint Oil?


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For most adults, when used correctly, peppermint oil is safe though side effects, such as allergic reactions, anal burning during bouts of diarrhea, and heartburn, are possible, according to WebMD. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use peppermint oil.

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There is a possibility of heartburn as a side effect of peppermint oil due to the protective coating of the capsules breaking down, states WebMD. This can increase the risk of heartburn when taken with medications designed to decrease acid reflux, heartburn and stomach acid. It is best for those taking both to wait at least two hours between doses. Another way that heartburn may be caused by peppermint oil is when a person has a condition know as achlorhydria. In this case, the stomach does not produce enough hydrochloric acid. This may cause the capsule to break down too quickly.

In addition to side effects, peppermint oil supplements may also interfere with other medications, explains WebMD. Peppermint oil can cause the body to be unable to metabolize certain drugs and to increase the likelihood of the side effects of these drugs. One example of this is the drug cyclosporine, an immunosuppressant. There are also many other medications that are broken down and changed by the liver that may be negatively affected by peppermint oil. Speak with a doctor before taking peppermint oil with other medications and supplements.

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