What Are the Side Effects of Parathyroid Hormone?


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Dizziness and leg cramps are some of the side effects of parathyroid hormone, according to Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Because parathyroid hormone stimulates bone growth, it is used to treat osteoporosis in people who have an increased risk of bone fractures.

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Synthetic parathyroid hormone is typically used in people who have already had fractures or have dangerously low bone mass, states Dartmouth-Hitchcock. The synthetic version of PTH is also given to patients who have not responded to other treatments.

Additional side effects of PTH therapy include joint pain, nausea, runny nose, headache, stuffy nose and loss of energy, according to WebMD. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to synthetic PTH. Anyone who experiences difficulty breathing or swelling of the throat, lips, face or tongue should call 911 immediately. If nausea, vomiting or dizziness do not go away or if hives develop on the skin, contact a doctor right away.

Parathyroid hormone is a protein hormone secreted by four small glands behind the thyroid gland, reports WebMD. These glands are called the parathyroid glands. When the amount of calcium in the blood decreases, the parathyroid glands secrete additional PTH, triggering the release of calcium from the bones. If parathyroid hormone levels stay elevated, bone mineral loss may occur, states the University of Maryland Medical Center.

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