What Are Some Side Effects of Pain Patches?


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Common sides effects of pain patches, particularly the brand name Duragesic that contains fentanyl, include queasiness, retching, constipation, sleepiness, dizziness and headache, states WebMD. Improper use or abuse of fentanyl patches may result in overdose or even death.

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Doctors typically recommend fentanyl patches for severe chronic pain that is not managed by other pain relievers, states Drugs.com. An itching sensation, tenderness, blistering, inflammation or redness may manifest around the area where the patch is applied.

Fentanyl patches may also trigger severe and sometimes life-threatening breathing difficulties, with increasing risk for those who are newly introduced to this form of pain medication or with elevated doses. Other known side effects of Duragesic pain patches include fever, loose bowel movement, appetite loss, upset stomach, abdominal pain, loss of strength, fatigue, dry mouth, anxiety, insomnia and sweating, notes RxList.

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