What Are the Side Effects of OxyElite Pro?


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MDHealth reports that OxyElite Pro's side effects include overstimulation, increased risk of heart attacks or strokes, sweating, loss of appetite, changes in the menstrual cycle, increased cramping, and strain on the heart and skeletal system. The last effect is caused by rapid weight loss and gain when taking OxyElite Pro.

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OxyElite Pro contains six active ingredients that MDHealth describes as combining to keep the body alert, boost energy levels, speed up the metabolism, activate the thyroid gland and burn more fat. It works by keeping the body constantly aroused with stimulants such as caffeine. MDHealth strongly warns against taking other stimulants while using OxyElite Pro. The overstimulation can also lead to fatigue, which slows weight loss and increases weight gain.

According to MDHealth, many of the side effects associated with OxyElite Pro come from constant stimulation, which puts the body under extreme physical stress. Prolonged stress triggers the adrenal glands and weakens the immune system, increasing susceptibility to illness. Some people report headaches and insomnia after stopping its use, which MDHealth attributes to the addictive amounts of caffeine included in the weight loss drug. The overstimulation also triggers excessive sweating, which is sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation. While suppressing the appetite is helpful for weight loss, too small a calorie intake strains the kidneys and leads to nutritional deficiencies.

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