What Are the Side Effects of Oxycodone Hydrochloride?


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Possible side effects of oxycodone hydrochloride include fever, cold sweats, confusion and twitching, according to Drugs.com. Other side effects that have been reported include tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing and chills.

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After taking oxycodone hydrochloride, some people may feel lightheaded, faint or dizzy when moving from a sitting or lying position to an upright one, states Drugs.com. Some side effects that are less common include painful or difficult urination, coughing, fainting and an irregular heartbeat. Some individuals experience swelling or bloating in the feet, lower legs, hands, arms or face. Other rare side effects include convulsions, chest pain, headache and sweating.

Additional potential side effects of oxycodone hydrochloride include vomiting, nausea, shakiness and frequent urination, notes Drugs.com. Individuals sometimes report experiencing wrinkled skin, constipation, swelling in the face area and tingling feet or hands. Others gain or lose weight. Many other side effects are possible, and a doctor should be contacted immediately if any side effects occur.

It's possible to overdose on oxycodone hydrochloride, states Drugs.com. Signs of an overdose include extreme tiredness, irregular heartbeat, a lack of muscle movement or tone, and pain or discomfort in the chest. Other signs of an overdose include difficulty responding, being unconscious, tiny pupils and severe drowsiness.

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