What Are Side Effects of Orencia?


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Possible side effects of abatacept, the active ingredient of Orencia, include sour stomach, heartburn, indigestion and stomach upset, according to Drugs.com. Patients may also experience symptoms such as bleeding, warmth, blistering, soreness or redness at the injection site.

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These Orencia side effects, along with diarrhea and pain in the limbs, normally require no medical attention and disappear on their own as the patient's body adjusts to the medication, according to Drugs.com. However, patients should contact their doctors immediately if certain side effects occur. These include body aches, back pain, fever, chills and ear congestion as well as dizziness, cough with mucous, difficulty breathing, sore throat and loss of voice. Others include cheekbone tenderness, sneezing and painful urination. Less common side effects that may require medical attention include chest pain, pounding in the ears, nervousness, blurred vision and changes in heart rate.

Rare but potentially serious side effects of Orencia include dizziness when standing suddenly from a lying or sitting position, confusion, flushing, hives and swelling of the face or throat, confirms Drugs.com. Patients may also experience sweating or difficulty swallowing as well as tenderness, redness, itching, warmth or pain on the skin. Orencia users should contact their doctors if they are concerned about any side effects.

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