What Are the Side Effects of Nifedical XL?


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Side effects of Nifedical XL include coughing, dizziness, cramping muscles and difficulty breathing, according to the Mayo Clinic. The medication can also cause swelling in the feet, face, arms and legs. Some people taking Nifedical XL gain weight quickly, while others experience an unusual weight loss. Other common side effects include a shaky feeling in the extremities, wheezing or shortness of breath, and a fast or irregular heartbeat.

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After taking Nifedical XL, patients may experience less common side effects such as blue lips, pale skin and fatigue. The medication can cause the veins in the neck to dilate, and may also cause nausea and chest congestion, states Mayo Clinic. Some people cough up pink sputum while taking Nifedical XL. Side effects such as vomiting, fever and chills are also possible.

Some side effects of Nifedical XL are not serious and do not require a doctor's attention, asserts Mayo Clinic. Belching, indigestion and redness in the face and neck are common side effects. People taking Nifedical XL may feel pain below the breastbone or experience changing moods.

Nifedical XL can cause rare side effects such as fainting, changes in vision and black stools, according to WebMD. Other serious side effects are fainting, changes in mental state and swollen gums.

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