What Are the Side Effects of Neogyn?


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The only reported side effect of neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream was a slight warming or burning sensation on the area of application. The neogyn website claims that, for most women, the sensation only lasts for about 60 seconds after application and disappears with subsequent applications of the product.

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The Neogyn website describes neogyn as a nonmedicated estrogen-free cream that does not contain anesthetics, analgesics, color additives, fragrances, petrolatum or mineral oil. However, the manufacturer notes that neogyn Feminine Soothing Cream should not be used by women allergic to any of its ingredients nor by women who are pregnant or taking immunosuppressive medications. Women with gluten sensitivities should be aware that while neogen Feminine Soothing Cream does contain wheat germ oil, the wheat germ oil used has been certified gluten-free by its supplier. Furthermore, neogyn is not a treatment for infection. If a woman suspects she has an infection, she should stop using neogyn and seek care from a health professional.

The neogyn website states that women should not apply neogyn in addition to hormone or steroid creams; instead, the neogyn website recommends applying neogyn and other creams on alternate days. Neogyn also should not be applied to a site where cancer is present.

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