What Are the Side Effects of a Mild Concussion?


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The side effects of a mild concussion can include confusion and clumsiness, headache, ringing in the ears, and nausea or vomiting, says WebMD. The person can also be sluggish, find it hard to concentrate and suffer from amnesia. However, what makes the concussion mild is that these symptoms last for less than 15 minutes, and the patient does not lose consciousness.

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Sometimes, symptoms do not begin immediately after the injury, says Mayo Clinic. In these cases, the person might experience changes in personality, sleep problems and derangement in his sense of taste or smell.

It is a good idea for the patient who thinks he has suffered even a mild concussion to seek medical attention, says WebMD. The injury can't be seen, and a medical professional can tell the extent of the brain injury. Even if the patient doesn't see a doctor, he should wait at least a few minutes before returning to normal activities. If the patient was involved in a sport, he needs to leave the game and rest for at least a day. If he returns to the game too quickly, he risks another, more severe concussion.

People who engage in dangerous sports should make sure they wear protective head gear and padding to prevent brain injuries, says WebMD. They should also take safety precautions when driving or riding in a car, and stay out of fights.

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