What Are the Side Effects of Metamucil Smooth Texture?


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Metamucil Smooth Texture may cause stomach cramping or gas, according to WebMD. Patients must take Metamucil Smooth Texture with a full glass of water to prevent it from expanding in the throat and causing choking.

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If a person has difficulty breathing or swallowing, vomits or has chest pain after taking Metamucil Smooth Texture, a doctor or pharmacist should be contacted immediately. While most people are not allergic to Metamucil Smooth Texture, a severe allergy is possible, notes WebMD. Signs of an allergic reaction include severe dizziness, breathing problems, rash and swelling, especially in the face, throat or tongue. People with allergies should speak to a doctor before taking Metamucil Smooth Texture, as it may contain inactive allergenic ingredients.

People with stomach or intestinal blockage, appendicitis or difficulty swallowing should speak to a doctor before taking Metamucil Smooth Texture, according to WebMD. Other symptoms that necessitate a prior consultation include a sudden change in bowel habits that lasts for more than two weeks, bleeding from the rectum, nausea, vomiting and sudden stomach or abdominal pain.

People with diabetes, or any other condition that causes sensitivity to sugar or aspartame, may want to avoid Metamucil Smooth Texture or at least speak to a doctor before taking it, states to WebMD. It is not known if Metamucil Smooth Texture passes through breast milk, so nursing or pregnant women should speak to a doctor before taking it.

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