What Are the Side Effects of Losartan?


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Side effects of losartan include stomach pain, dizziness, confusion and anxiety, according to Drugs.com. Some people may experience bladder pain, cloudy or bloody urine, difficult breathing or an increased heart rate. Other side effects include the need to urinate frequently, nightmares, headaches and shakiness.

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Some people who take losartan may experience weak or heavy legs, shortness of breath, unusual bruising or bleeding or numbness or tingling in the lips, feet or hands, notes Drugs.com. Other side effects include coma, cold sweats, depression and pale skin. Slurred speech, increased hunger, seizures and troubled breathing with exertion may occur.

Rare but possible side effects of losartan include sweating, severe or sudden headaches, and pain in the jaw, chest, arm or back. states Drugs.com. Other rare side effects include puffy or red face, unsteadiness, temporary blindness and the inability to speak. Some people may experience dark urine, light-colored stools or black, tarry stools. Bleeding gums, muscle cramps, skin rash and yellow eyes or skin are possible side effects of losartan.

The body may need time to adjust to losartan before the side effects go away, notes Drugs.com. Not all side effects require medical attention, but it is important to speak to a doctor immediately after side effects are experienced. Losartan may interact with other medications, so it should only be taken as directed by a health care professional.

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