What Are Some of the Side Effects of the Lemon Detox Diet?


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Common side effects of the lemon detox diet include diarrhea and feeling faint and dizzy, reports About.com. The lemon detox diet typically only provides approximately 650 calories per day and causes a person to feel extremely hungry. The diet may not provide adequate calories, nutrients and proteins. Because the diet causes a person to lose weight quickly, it also increases a person’s risk of developing gallstones.

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It may be dangerous to self-diagnose and treat a health condition with the lemon detox diet rather than seeking professional medical attention. Additionally, those interested in the diet should consult a doctor before starting it. Many medical and dietary professionals caution against employing the lemon detox diet for extended periods of time due to an increased risk of health complications, explains About.com.

People with gallstones, anemia, cancer, diabetes and intestinal illness should generally avoid the lemon detox diet. Those advised to stay away from the diet also include people who have a low body weight or an eating disorder, according to About.com. The lemon detox diet is not suitable for children and nursing or pregnant women.

Despite the risk of side effects of the lemon detox diet, many people claim to experience positive results such as having improved clarity of thought and increased energy. Additionally, some people report that symptoms of a health condition improved as a result of the lemon detox diet, states About.com.

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