What Are the Side Effects of Laser Surgery on Cataracts?


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Side effects of laser surgery on cataracts include infection in the eye, retinal detachment and bleeding in the front of the eye, according to WebMD. Swelling of the clear layer over the eye and swelling and fluid in the center of the nerve layer are other possible side effects.

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Additional side effects that sometimes occur after cataract surgery include problems with glare, glaucoma, astigmatism, sagging of the upper eyelid, dislocation of the intraocular lens and clouding of the lens capsule, as stated by WebMD.

Clouding of the lens capsule is referred to as posterior capsule opacity and occurs in about 20 percent of all laser cataract surgery patients, states All About Vision. Posterior capsule opacity is treated with a YAG laser capsulotomy. Signs of a dislocated intraocular lens include the patient seeing the edge of the implant in his field of vision and/or developing double vision. Flashes of light, floaters or curtain-like vision loss may indicate a retinal detachment and should be reported to the ophthalmologist immediately. Retinal detachment can occur months or even years after a cataract procedure. If the intraocular lens is dislocated, the doctor may attempt a second procedure to sew the implant in place or implant another type of lens.

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