What Are Some Side Effects of Javita Coffee?

What Are Some Side Effects of Javita Coffee?

Javita Coffee Burn + Control can cause jitteriness, insomnia, headaches, palpitations and other side effects typical of stimulants or excessive caffeine intake, according to user reports collected by Diet Pills Watchdog and Diet Spotlight. The fitness blog Altprotein also warns that it may interact negatively with medicines such as ephedrine or lithium.

Javita Coffee Burn + Control is a weight-loss formula sold by the multi-level-marketing company Javita, which also sells other herbal products such as Herbal Cleanse Tea, FocusFusion Cocoa and Energy + Mind, according to the company website.

The ingredients in the formula are caffeine, yerba mate, a South American herb containing a substance similar to caffeine, and Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit containing the substance Hydrocitric acid, which is supposed to inhibit the formation of fat in the body. However, Altprotein finds that the available scientific studies only support a very weak positive effect on weight loss from Carcinia cambogia.

Diet Pills Watchdog's conclusion, based on user reviews, is that there is no evidence the coffee helps with weight loss, although there are also some positive user reviews. Considering the price, effect and side effects together, it gives the product a "rejected" verdict.

The Javita Company recommends that users avoid sugar and instead sweeten their coffee with Stevia, another herbal extract. Diet Pill Watch, however, cautions that Stevia also has reported side effects, such as lowered blood pressure and negative interference with medicines.