What Are the Side Effects of Irvingia?


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The side effects of Irvingia gabonensis include sleep disturbances, digestive upset such as flatulence and headaches, according to WebMD. Diabetics taking Irvingia gabonensis should monitor their blood sugar levels regularly, and pregnant women should not take Irvingia gabonensis supplements.

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The Irvingia gabonensis, also known as the African mango tree, bears fruit containing highly nutritional seeds, asserts Cathy Wong, N.D., of About.com. Some research has shown that when the seeds are made into supplements or extracts, they can help people achieve their weight loss goals or increase their good cholesterol levels. Diabetics can benefit from taking Irvingia gabonensis supplements everyday for a month because the seeds are reported to lower blood sugar levels. Although the studies done on Irvingia gabonensis as a weight-loss supplement are not considered high quality, they did show that the seed extracts were effective for some of the participants.

Irvingia gabonensis has also been shown to allow leptin, a hormone that helps the brain recognize when the body is full, to flow more freely, claims LifeExtension. The long-term effects of taking Irvingia gabonensis supplements or extracts are not known, but the seeds are considered harmless for most people. Researchers base this knowledge on their observations of native Africans consuming Irvingia gabonensis fruit and seeds on a daily basis.

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