What Are the Side Effects of Inulin Fiber Supplements?


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There are a few minor side effects of inulin use, such as bloating, stomach cramps, loose stools, gas and frequent bowel movements, and there are always risks of allergic reactions for those with existing medical conditions, states WebMD. As always, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using inulin without the guidance of a medical professionaldue to the fact that so little has been studied regarding the effects of inulin in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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Inulin can be found naturally in numerous foods, such as fruits, vegetables, wheat, leeksand dandelion root. It can be used as a replacement for fat in processed foods, including dairy items, such as yogurt, cheese and ice cream, as well as candy bars.Medicinal sources of inulin can be produced by taking chicory roots and soaking them in hot water. Inulin can be used for a number of treatments, mainly pertaining to blood fats, like cholesterol. It can also be used to supplement weight loss efforts as well as treat constipation or as a simple food additive.

Some possible allergic reactions have been seen with the use of inulin. These include asthma, rashes on the skin and contact dermatitis. Those who are allergic to ragweed can exhibit allergic reactions to chicory root and should therefore be cautious about taking inulin.

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