What Are the Side Effects of Ibuprofen?


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Possible side effects of ibuprofen include constipation, diarrhea, blurred vision and a rash, according to Drugs.com. Other potential probelms include ringing in the ears, itchy skin, upset stomach, gas and mild heartburn. More serious side effects of ibuprofen include nausea, decreased urine frequency, rapid weight gain and severe headache.

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Ibuprofen can also cause chills, seizures, convulsions and sensitivity to light, notes Drugs.com. Some people may experience dark urine or clay-colored stools. Additional serious side effects may include yellowing of the eyes or skin, bruising, numbness and pain. Some people may experience severe tingling, sore throat, fever or upper stomach pain when taking ibuprofen. Coughing up blood or vomit resembling coffee grounds is a possible serious side effect.

It is possible to overdose on ibuprofen, warns Drugs.com. Signs of an overdose include black or bloody stools, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. Other signs of an overdose include nausea, drowsiness, fainting or coma. Additional signs of an overdose include shallow breathing and coughing up blood.

Because ibuprofen can make aspirin less effective, people who use aspirin to prevent stroke or heart attack should not also take ibuprofen, states Drugs.com. Because some medicines contain ibuprofen, it is important to check with a pharmacist or physician before taking ibuprofen along with other medicines. Drinking alcohol with ibuprofen increases the risk of bleeding in the stomach.

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