What Are the Side Effects of the H1N1 Vaccine?


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Side effects of the H1N1 vaccine include local reactions at the injection site or systemic reactions, including low grade fevers, stiffness and muscle aches, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Side effects are mild and short-lived in comparison to the symptoms of the actual influenza virus.

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The H1N1 intramuscular vaccine contains an inactivated form of the flu virus, so it isn’t possible to contract the flu virus from the vaccine, and any side effects or illnesses an individual experiences following administration of the vaccine are coincidental, explains the CDC. The H1N1 vaccine is also available as a nasal spray, manufactured using an attenuated form of the flu virus. Side effects from the nasal spray include runny nose and a headache in children and adults, vomiting and wheezing in children and a cough in adults.

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