What Are the Side Effects of Fruit Green Lean Body Capsule?


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There is no product named Fruit Green Lean Body. The "official" site of the supplement, Zhen De Shou, refers to it as "Super Slim Green Lean Body Capsules" and states that there are no side effects. Zhen De Shou states that the product is unsafe for people with certain health issues (diabetics, the morbidly obese, pregnant women). According to DietSpotlight, some ingredients have been linked to liver damage.

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Green Lean Body Capsules may be a potentially unsafe product. Because it is distributed by foreign-based sites, the capsules are not FDA approved, and no official documentation exists regarding testing to validate its claims as a weight-loss supplement. According to DietSpotlight, there is no link to a retail store that sells a product by the Green Lean Body name. Also, there is not a full list of the ingredients in the capsule and the ones that are listed are of dubious origin and safety.

The major ingredient in the product (Koncing Nut) appears not to be real. Speculation from Diet-PillsReviews.co.uk and DietSpotlight.com is that Koncing Nut may be a fake name used for marketing purposes or a pomegranate seed, which has no weight loss value. According to Diet-PillsReview.co.uk, the product was found to contain phenolphthalein. Drug Information System lists the side effects of phenolphthalein as diarrhea, pulmonary edema, hypoglycemia and pancreatitis.

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