What Are Some Side Effects of an Enlarged Prostate?


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Side effects of an enlarged prostate include difficulty urinating, slow or painful urination, weak urine flow and the feeling of needing to urinate often, according to Healthline. Ineffective urination can lead to urinary tract infections, bladder stones, difficulty sleeping and kidney damage.

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An enlarged prostate condition, or benign prostate hyperplasia, is the blockage of the regular flow of urine in the urethra, states WebMD. The stress on the urethra causes it to shrink and constrict, consequently making the bladder work harder. Various other medical conditions can be the result of an overworked bladder, including the inability to urinate at all or bloody urine. The severity of the enlarged prostate depends on what caused the condition in the first place, such as whether it was caused by bacteria, notes Urology Clinics of North Texas. Although narrowing of the urethra is common as males age, young men can develop an enlarged prostate condition due to stress or certain sexual activities.

Treatment of an enlarged prostate largely depends on the patient's health, age and how large the prostate has become, explains WebMD. Surgery is avoided whenever possible to reduce overall risks, and minimally invasive techniques are recommended for younger patients. Medications such as alpha blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are suggested for older patients.

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