What Are the Side Effects of Endothil CR?


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The long-term side effects of taking Endothil-CR include permanent stretch marks, according to Novex Biotech, the company that makes the supplement. Endothil-CR is a bodybuilding compound used to increase muscle mass and strength. Novex Biotech recommends that users make exercise routines intense and consistent, because the supplement’s effectiveness depends on constant workout routines.

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The stretch marks caused by the supplement remain around the muscles even after Endothil-CR use is discontinued. Other side effects include weight gain, sleep problems and possible allergic reactions to some of the listed ingredients, which include riboflavin, green tomatoes, grape seeds and green tea. Endothil-CR also contains quercetin, which comes from apples, and rutin, which comes from buckwheat.

According to Novex Biotech, Endothil-CR is often used by competitive athletes and people who are or want to be more physically active. Its proprietary green tomato extract formulation contains key ingredient that help produce significant increases in both upper- and lower-body strength.

Many users reported positive results in only a short amount of time. Novex Biotech recommends that users take one Endothil-CR tablet 30 minutes before each workout. Users should take a tablet in the mornings on non-workout days. The tablets should be chewed before swallowing, according to Novex Biotech.

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