What Are the Side Effects of Diane-35?


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Side effects reported by at least 1 percent of people who have taken Diane-35 include dizziness, headaches, breast pain or tenderness, breast swelling, changes in libido, brown skin blotches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, weight changes, swollen ankles and swollen feet, according to MedBroadcast. More concerning side effects can also occur.

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Some side effects of Diane-35 do not occur with much frequency but require prompt medical attention because they can lead to more serious complications, notes MedBroadcast. One such side effect is a change in bleeding patterns either during or in between a woman's periods. Any woman who experiences spotting in between periods, a loss of periods several months in a row, a lighter flow than normal, prolonged bleeding or other changes in her cycle while taking Diane-35 should consult with a physician.

An increase in blood pressure, headaches, changes in vision, vaginal infections and signs of depression or liver problems are other side effects that can lead to serious issues and should be reported to a doctor, according to MedBroadcast. Some signs of depression to look out for are trouble concentrating, decreased interest in activities that were once pleasurable, changes in sleep patterns and suicidal thoughts. Pain or swelling in the upper abdominal region, itchy skin and yellowed eyes or skin can signal liver issues. Additionally, diabetic women should report any pale skin, nausea or blood sugar increases.

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