What Are Some Side Effects of Dermovate?


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Possible side effects of Dermovate include cough, sore throat, and stinging or burning where it was applied, according to Drugs.com. Less common side effects include dry skin, redness or flushing of the skin, irritated skin and a burning sensation on the skin. Dermovate may also cause an oozing, scaly and encrusted rash on the skin or severe scaling, redness soreness or swelling of the skin.

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Some people who use Dermovate experience thinning of the skin, and the skin may become easier to bruise, notes Drugs.com. This is especially common when the Dermovate is applied to the face or to areas such as the fingers, where the skin folds together.

Dermovate may cause thinning, scaling or redness in the mouth area, states Drugs.com. Weakness, thinning or wasting away of the skin may also occur. Some people may experience hair loss, pus at the roots of hair, or burning, pain or itching in parts of the body with hair.

Other less common side effects of Dermovate include headache, congestion or cough, pain or aches in the body, and a runny or stuffy nose, according to Drugs.com. Some people may have trouble swallowing after taking Dermovate, and it may also cause voices changes. There are many other possible side effects associated with Dermovate, and it is important to speak to a physician immediately if side effects occur.

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