What Are the Side Effects of Debrox?


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The side effects of Debrox include a mild feeling of fullness in the ear, temporary decrease in hearing, mild itching and a foaming sound in the ear after application, according to Drugs.com. Serious side effects are rare and include itching, rash, hives, tightness in chest and trouble breathing. Other reactions include swelling of the tongue, lips, mouth and face.

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Debrox is for the treatment of hardened ear wax that is likely to cause blockage. It works by releasing oxygen and foaming once it comes into contact with the skin. This foam helps to soften and loosen the ear wax, making it easier to take out, notes WebMD. A person with a ruptured ear drum, other ear infection or injury and children under 12 should not use this medication, declares Drugs.com. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should only use Debrox under a doctor’s advice.

People should only use Debrox as per the label’s instruction or as per the doctor’s direction. They should not use smaller or larger doses, and should not use extra medicine to compensate for missed doses, states Drugs.com. This medication must be kept away from the eyes and mouth, and an individual should seek immediate medical attention if he swallows Debrox accidentally. The use of this medication should not go beyond four consecutive days.

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