What Are Some Side Effects of Consuming Too Much Sage?


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Side effects of consuming too much sage include damage to the liver and nervous system and seizures, states WebMD. These side effects are caused by a substance known as thujone, which is present in certain species of sage. This substance can be toxic if consumed at a certain level.

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Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not consume sage, as thujone can cause miscarriage as well as reduce a mother’s milk supply. Sage can affect blood sugar levels, which makes it a concern in surgery, as it can make it difficult to regulate sugar levels during and after a surgical procedure, explains WebMD. Spanish sage can cause an upsurge in blood pressure in particular people with high blood pressure, and common sage can cause blood pressure to drop in patients with low blood pressure. Patients with seizure conditions should not take sage in higher amounts compared to those found in food.

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