What Are the Side Effects of Consuming Full Throttle?

Because Full Throttle is an energy drink that contains caffeine, sugar and taurine, the side effects of consuming it include dehydration, increased blood pressure and worsening of the symptoms of certain diseases, such as bipolar disorder, according to WebMD. The long term effects of consuming energy drinks is not clear.

One can of energy drink can contain four times as much caffeine as one can of cola, according to WebMD. When combined with the other stimulating ingredients, energy drinks can cause heart palpitations, leg weakness, restlessness, nervousness and upset stomach. Other side effects include hyperactivity, nausea, sleep problems and trouble concentrating. People who already have heart problems or any medical condition have a greater risk of developing serious side effects when they consume energy drinks. Side effects of consuming large quantities of caffeine in the form of energy drinks include headaches, muscle twitching and anxiety.

There are reports of people experiencing seizures and four cases known to be related to the consumption of energy drinks, notes The New York Times. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol can result in drinkers not knowing how intoxicated they really are. This can lead to drinking more alcohol, doubling the risk of dehydration and increasing the chances of the drinker participating in behaviors that require sobriety, such as operating a vehicle, states American Nurse Today.