What Are the Side Effects of Clove Oil?


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Possible side effects of clove oil include skin irritation, rashes, burns and dental damage if applied in the mouth, according to the American Cancer Society. Large doses of clove oil may cause sore throat, abdominal pain, seizures, nausea, and kidney or liver failure.

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Clove oil is generally safe for most people when taken by mouth in recommended amounts, according to WebMD. Those who should specifically avoid using clove oil are children, those with bleeding disorders and those scheduled to have surgery. Clove oil is unsafe for children and may cause dangerous side effects, such as liver damage, seizures and fluid imbalances. Clove oil contains the chemical eugenol, which appears to decrease blood clotting. Those with bleeding disorders or nearing surgery should not use clove oil because it may cause bleeding.

Excessive application of clove oil in the mouth may cause dental damage, according to the American Cancer Society. Possible harmful effects include damage to the dental pulp or soft core of teeth, and irritation or damage to the mouth or gums.

Injecting clove oil into veins is generally unsafe, according to WebMD.

Any individual who is allergic to clove or balsam of Peru should avoid using clove in any form, according to the American Cancer Society.

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