What Are the Side Effects of Cataract Removal?


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Bleeding, swelling and infection are some possible side effects of cataract removal surgery, according to WebMD. Medications can counter these effects, notes All About Vision. Detachment of the nerve layer at the back of the eye, known as retinal detachment, is another possible side effect.

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Complications that may occur following cataract surgery include issues with glare, dislocation of the intraocular lens, clouding of the lens capsule, glaucoma, sagging of the eyelid, and astigmatism or strabismus, according to WebMD. A second surgical procedure can correct a dislocated intraocular lens, and a painless laser procedure can eliminate clouding of the lens capsule, explains All About Vision.

Although the risk is low, partial or total vision loss is a possibility after cataract removal, warns WebMD. Doctors can correct vision loss in some cases but not in others. Severe vision loss is rare and results from bleeding or infection within the eye, notes All About Vision.

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