What Side Effects Can You Experience After Taking 800 Milligrams of Motrin?


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Those who are allergic to the ingredients in Motrin may experience hives, difficulty breathing and swelling of the face or throat, according to Drugs.com. If this occurs, stop taking the medication, and also seek medical help immediately.

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Other side effects of Motrin include minor discomforts such as an upset stomach, blurred vision, ringing in the ears and itchy skin, according to Drugs.com. More severe side effects include chest pain, severe headache, bruising and nausea. Avoiding alcohol is recommended as it increases the chance of stomach bleeding. Motrin is not recommended for patients who have recently undergone heart surgery, and long-term use increases the risk of heart attack or stroke in some patients.

Taking other drugs with Motrin can also cause side effects, so be sure to get a doctor's approval before mixing medications. Common medications that interact with Motrin include aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, blood pressure or heart medication, lithium, diuretics, and steroids. Taking antidepressants can also cause problems such as bruising or bleeding, so be sure to check with a medical provider before taking Motrin with these medications, says Drugs.com.

Motrin or ibuprofen is an NSAID used to treat symptoms of pain such as headaches and muscle aches as well as inflammation, reports Drugs.com.

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