What Are the Side Effects of Brain Surgery?


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After brain surgery, a patient may feel worse than before surgery as the brain is still readjusting. Other symptoms include weakness, poor balance and speech problems, states Cancer Research UK.

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A patient recovering from brain surgery may feel dizzy or confused about where they are and what is happening. These episodes may be sporadic, according to Cancer Research UK. As a patient recovers, most symptoms will usually dissipate over time, but it may take weeks or months in some cases.

Depending on the reason for the surgery, patients may have long-term problems with speech or with weakness of an arm or leg. Some patients will never fully recover as they were before, but the condition can improve to some degree, claims Cancer Research UK.

Brain surgery is performed to treat brain tumors, hemorrhages in the brain, weakness in blood vessels, infections, skull fractures and pressure caused by injuries or strokes, reports MedlinePlus. Before the surgery begins, the scalp is shaved and cleaned. Then a cut is made depending on the reason for surgery. Once the surgery is finished the bone flap is replaced using small metal plates, sutures or wires. If the surgery involves a tumor, infection or swelling of the brain, the bone flap may not be put back on.

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