What Are Some Side Effects of Barley Grass?


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There are no reported side effects of barley grass, according to Drugs.com. Allergic reactions of barley products are normally connected with the seed and not with the leaves or shoots. Patients who have celiac disease or any other type of barley allergy should, however, avoid taking barley grass. In spite of extensive use, there have been no safety concerns.

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Barley grass is the leaf extract from the barley plant, which is known for its great nutritional and medicinal value. Barley is a type of grass that grows annually, and is able to thrive under a wide variety of weather conditions, notes Drugs.com. Barley grass is loaded with minerals and vitamins, contains antioxidants, and also reduces cholesterol levels. Its use in the treatment and prevention of cancer is implied but is yet to be validated. Other benefits of barley grass that have been put forward, but not yet confirmed, include protection against solar radiation and other kinds of radiation, treatment of HIV infection, increased energy and immunity, and the flushing out of pollutants.

Data and information regarding the toxicity, contraindications and interactions of barley grass is not available as of 2015, states Drugs.com. Information concerning the use and benefits of barley grass in pregnancy and lactation is also unavailable.

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