What Are Some Side Effects of Azilect?


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Common side effects of Azilect, a drug that people with Parkinson's disease use to control symptoms, include dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, stomach upset and weight loss, reports Drugs.com. Patients may also experience constipation, swelling in the extremities, joint pain, flu symptoms and depression. They should discontinue the drug and call their health care providers immediately if they experience extreme tiredness, high blood pressure, mood changes or a worsening of their Parkinson's disease symptoms.

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The generic name of Azilect is rasagiline, and the drug is a MAO inhibitor that increases levels of dopamine, serotonin and other substances in the brain, explains WebMD. Patients should never take Azilect if they have recently taken other MAO inhibitors, as the combination may provoke an adverse interaction between the drugs, cautions Drugs.com. Azilect may also cause adverse reactions when patients take it with other medications such as over-the-counter cough medicines, muscle relaxers, methadone, tramadol or St. John's wort. Patients should consult their doctors before taking Azilect if they have problems with their blood pressure or liver disease. Experts are unsure about whether pregnant or nursing women taking Azilect create a risk to their unborn or nursing babies.

People who are taking Azilect should avoid foods that contain tyramine such as sour cream, yogurt, aged cheeses, bananas and dried meats, as the combination can raise their blood pressure to life-threatening levels, warns Drugs.com. They should also avoid drinking alcohol. Some people may experience mood changes such as strong urges to gamble or have sex while taking Azilect.

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