What Are the Side Effects of Asthma Inhalers?


The side effects of asthma inhalers include headache, heartburn, dizziness, loss of appetite, irritated throat, anxiety, dry mouth and lightheadedness, according to MedicineNet.com. A patient may also sweat in response to the medication.

Asthma inhalers are safe for both kids and grownups. Although the side effects are minimal, they can sometimes bring a lot of discomfort, such as dry mouth. To reduce the discomfort, a patient can suck on ice chips and sugarless hard candy. Other remedies include drinking plenty of water, chewing sugarless gum and using saliva substitute, as stated by MedicineNet.com

If a patient has breathing difficulties, a fast heartbeat or chest pain, she needs to inform a physician for further examination. In the event of an allergic reaction, she should look for medical aid quickly, reports MedicineNet.com. Itching, dizziness, rash and breathing difficulties are all signs of allergic reaction.

When using asthma inhalers, it is advisable for the patient to share her medical history with her doctor, especially if she has a history of nerve disease, epilepsy, hyperactive thyroid, high blood pressure or allergies. Women should not use asthma inhalers during pregnancy, except in grave situations. Discussions concerning risks and merits are important for pregnant and nursing mothers, because the body may release the drug through breast milk, as claimed by MedicineNet.com