Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Rogaine for Men?


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The most common side effect of Rogaine is a change in hair color or texture, according to Drugs.com. More serious side effects include chest pain, dizziness, fainting and fast heartbeat.

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Men who use Rogaine may also experience allergic reactions, according to Drugs.com. These include rash, hives, swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue. Other reactions are redness or irritation on the scalp, sudden weight gain, and unwanted facial hair growth.

Since little of it is absorbed into the bloodstream, Rogaine's risk of interacting with prescription medication is very low, according to Drugs.com. However, it is recommended that Rogaine is not used while drinking alcohol. The foam should only be applied topically, avoiding contact with eyes, mouth and nose. If it enters the eyes, it can be rinsed out with cool water. If Rogaine is ingested, it can cause serious harm, making it necessary to contact a poison control center or go to the emergency room right away if the product is swallowed.

It is important not to use more than the directed dose, and the results may not be evident for 2 to 4 months. After stopping Rogaine, the regrowth may be lost, and hair loss may resume. Consult with a doctor before using Rogaine with any other topical scalp medications.

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