What Are the Side Effects Associated With Opium Poppy Pods?


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The side effects associated with opium poppy pods include dizziness, constipation, nausea accompanied with vomiting, facial inflammation and difficulty breathing, according to Everyday Health. Other side effects may include hives, tongue swelling, throat swelling, confusion and lightheadedness. It is advisable to seek immediate medical care when the side effects of this drug appear to prevent them from worsening.

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Opium is a narcotic drug acquired from the opium poppy seed pod and is mainly applicable in the treatment of diarrhea, notes Everyday Health. Though useful, the drug is not suitable for diarrhea patients with morphine allergy or patients with seizure. For poison-related diarrhea, opium is not applicable as long as the poison is still in the digestive system. It may also not be safe for a lactating mother, as it may leak into the mother's milk and affect the baby.

To minimize the chances of opium causing harm, it is advisable for an individual to tell the doctor about his medical history, including any history of certain conditions such as stomach disorders, urination disorders, liver disorders, kidney diseases and lung diseases, explains Everyday Health. Other precautionary measures that may help reduce the chances of negative effects include avoiding alcoholic drinks while taking opium, avoiding taking the drug together with sleeping medications or other medications unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor.

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