What Are the Side Effects of Androgen Gel?


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Common side effects of androgen gel include dry skin; hot flashes; muscle pain and weakness; depression; and insomnia, states Healthline. Blurred vision, seizures, gum or mouth irritation and blemishes on the skin are other common side effects, as well as diarrhea and loss of appetite, notes Drugs.com.

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Androgen gel is a treatment of androgen-deficiency syndrome, a condition that causes low testosterone in men. The hormone testosterone plays a vital role in sperm production, and its low levels can lead to loss of muscle mass, weight gain and a diminished libido. It is essential to understand the risks associated with androgen gel, as its side effects can easily spread to a person through contact with the gel, according to Healthline.

Women should not come into contact with androgen gel as it can cause symptoms of male features and severe birth defects in a fetus. Androgen gel should only be used by men over 18 years of age and be kept away from children. Typical effects of this product in children include an increased sex drive, anxiety and aggression, stunted growth and frequent erections in males, explains Healthline.

It is advisable for patients to talk about their medical histories with their doctors relating to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, blood clotting and enlarged prostate before using androgen gel. Those with prostate cancer or male breast cancer should abstain from this treatment, says Drugs.com.

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