What Are the Side Effects of Alza 54?

The side effects of Alza 54, which is also known as Concerta, include serious cardiovascular events, including sudden death and serious heart problems; adverse psychiatric events; seizures, priapism or prolonged erections; visual disturbances; and increased potential for gastrointestinal obstruction, according to Drugs.com. Adverse reactions that are possible with Concerta include drug dependence, hypersensitivity to methylphenidate, agitation, glaucoma, tics and long-term suppression of growth.

Concerta is used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, in children ages 6 and older and in adults up to the age of 65. It is generally administered by mouth daily in the morning, and it is available in several strengths. Tablets imprinted with "Alza 54" are 54 milligram tablets; they are brownish red in color. The drug is also available in Alza 18, Alza 27 and Alza 36 varieties, with each corresponding to 18, 27 and 36 milligrams, respectively, notes Drugs.com.

Drugs.com notes that those with a history of alcoholism or drug dependence should be given Concerta only with caution, since chronic abusive use can lead to psychological dependence and marked tolerance. Upon discontinuing the drug, careful supervision is recommended, since it can cause severe depression. Patients should be closely monitored during use and after stopping the use of this drug.