What Are Some Side Effects of the Almased Diet?

The Almased diet may cause headaches for some users, particularly at the beginning of the program. Almased is soy-based and therefore may inhibit the absorption of hormonal thyroid medications, notes Almased.com.

In the FAQ section on Almased.com, the company notes that many users experience headaches in the first two days of the program. The first phase of the program involves replacing every meal with Almased, along with vegetable broth and water. Dieters may alleviate these headaches by taking supplementary magnesium, and vitamins C and E.

Almased may cause positive side effects, such as clearer skin and better sleep, notes Almased.com. The meal replacement is unlikely to have adverse interactions with medications. However, dieters who are on medications, particularly those for thyroid disorders, are encouraged to consult a doctor before beginning the Almased program. Almased has made unsubstantiated claims that the meal replacement helps to regulate blood sugar and control diabetes, but in 2012 the FDA ordered the company to remove these claims from its website, as detailed on FDA.gov.

Almased is a powdered meal-replacement product made from fermented soy, yogurt and honey. The product contains a combination of essential amino acids, nutrients and digestive enzymes that provide adequate nutrition for the body in a low-calorie, easily digestible format, according to Almased.