How Do You Shrink Your Stomach?


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The only true way to shrink the stomach requires surgery. The stomach is an organ that naturally maintains its size completely once adulthood is reached.

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It is a common misconception that the stomach can shrink by eating smaller portions of food. Doing so only affects the amount of appetite that a person experiences. The stomach remains the same size. It is also a typical belief that skinny people have smaller stomachs than larger people. This is not the case. Weight and stomach size are two separate matters.

Exercise is another method that people often mistakenly believe useful for shrinking the stomach. The reality is that the body is simply burning off layers of body fat that form around internal organs. Although the outer image of the stomach begins to appear more trim, the internal organ still remains the same size.

Surgery can help reduce the size of the stomach down to a walnut. A smaller-sized stomach does not always correlate with improved weight loss. Even with surgery, if proper diet is not maintained a person can still put on weight. A surgeon can help determine if a patient is a proper candidate for gastric-bypass surgery. Many times, the results patients are after can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle of exercise and a well-balanced diet.

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