How Do You Shrink Your Prostate?


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The minimally invasive therapy transurethral needle ablation of the prostate and the oral medications finasteride and dutasteride treat benign prostate hyperplasia by shrinking the prostate, explains Urology Care Foundation. Prostate artery emobilization is a therapy performed outside the United States that also shrinks the prostate, reports WebMD.

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Transurethral needle ablation involves the emission of low-frequency radio waves that kill prostate tissue, notes Urology Care Foundation. The outpatient procedure has limited long-term success, and finding acceptable candidates is a challenge. Minimal sexual side effects make this option more appealing than other options.

To prevent enlarged prostate symptoms, finasteride and dutasteride must be taken on a continual basis, says Urology Care Foundation. The risk of urinary retention and prostate surgery is reduced, but sexual side effects, such as erectile dysfunction and low libido, result from taking the medications. Finasteride has more side effects initially and is not appropriate for men without an enlarged prostate.

Prostate artery emobilizaton is a newer treatment that limits the supply of blood to the prostate, causing the prostate to shrink, explains WebMD. Studies show symptoms are relieved quickly and that the procedure does not cause sexual side effects, such as impotence. Success of the procedure is promising, but research is limited.

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