How Do I Shrink My Calves?

How Do I Shrink My Calves?

To shrink your calves, you have to lose weight through diet and exercise because it's impossible to only make one area of your body smaller. You need healthy foods and an area to workout. Results should be visible within the first couple weeks, although how long it takes for the calves to shrink depends partially on genetics because everyone carries weight differently.

  1. Create a diet plan

    Eating healthy foods is the fastest way to lose weight. Stock your fridge with fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated and helps you eat less. Changing eating habits allows you to consume less calories, which is the key to losing weight consistently.

  2. Begin exercising

    Make an exercise routine that involves working out at least three days per week. Most of your exercise should be cardio because it burns fat quickly. Running and swimming are great cardio workouts, but anything that gets your heart rate elevated is a good choice.

  3. Stick to your new routine

    The key to losing weight is consistency. You must make sure you burn more calories than you consume every day. This causes you to keep losing weight and shrinks your whole body, including the calves.