How Does the SHRED Diet by Dr. Ian Smith Work?

How Does the SHRED Diet by Dr. Ian Smith Work?

The SHRED diet by Dr. Ian Smith is a low-GI diet that combines meal spacing and meal replacements over the course of 6 weeks. The diet involves eating four meals daily and three snacks, and it is purported to help dieters lose 4 inches or 2 sizes within a 6-week time-frame.

The SHRED diet plan allows meal replacements of smoothies, shakes and soups, and it is based on Smith's "Diet Confusion" concept. Thisconcept holds that diet confusion tricks the body to enhance its performance and that switching up one's food intake boosts metabolism and maximizes results.

Under the SHRED plan, a cup of coffee is allowed daily, and dieters are allowed to have only one 12-ounce can of diet soda daily. A sample menu for the first breakfast meal in the diet plan includes a piece of fruit along with one of the following:

  • Two egg whites
  • Onebowl of oatmeal
  • Anegg white omelet
  • Abowl of sugar-free cereal with milk
  • One container ofyogurt
  • Onecup of fresh juice

Lunch can be a fruit smoothie, shake, bowl of soup, piece of fruit or serving of veggies. Dinner includes a small salad with fat-free dressing and achoice of turkey, chicken or fish. The fourth meal includes three servings of vegetables or a cup of beans.